Are you searching for medical equipment for rental or hire–so that you can take care of a terminally ill patient at home?

If that describes you, then you are at the right place.

We have all the equpment you need for patient home care.

In the realm of compassionate care, meet the Home Comfort Care Package – an all-encompassing solution tailored for your loved one.

What You Will Get in The Home Care Medical Equpment Package For Hire

1. Double crank Hospital Bed with Hospital Mattress

Valued at Ksh 45,000/=

Double crank hospital bed

2: Ripple Mattress

Valued at Ksh 9,500/=

Ripple mattress to prevent and protect patient form bed sores

3: Blood Pressure Monitor

Valued at Ksh 4,500/=

Omron blood pressure Machine M1 Kenya

4: Pulse Oximeter

Valued at Ksh 1,500/=

Pulse oximeter for home use

5: Oxygen Concentrator

Valued at Ksh 139,000/=

Oxygen concentrator for hire

6: Portable oxygen tank

Valued at Ksh 20,000/=

Plus Wheel Chair

Valued at Ksh 15,200/=

Wheel chair manual for hire

Potential Money saved By Hiring Medical Equipment for Home use from Us:

Ksh 160,000-188,700/=

How Much for all this?

For just Ksh 40,000 and easy flexible rental terms, you secure a lifeline for your dear ones, covering a 4-month period.

This is an amazing deal considering that you’ll save over Ksh 160,000/= if you were to buy these equipment for your patient.

Think about it.

Sounds good?

Then contact us.


What sets us apart?

    • Unmatched affordability.

Search elsewhere online, and you’ll agree with me that other medical equipment renters are quite expensive.

Imagine paying Ksh 2,000 for an oxygen conectrator per day, and your patient uses it for 1 month?

That would be Ksh 60,000 per month on an oxygen concentrator alone.

Now consider our offer:

For  7 items, you pay only Ksh 40,000 for 4 Months of Use!

But it gets even better – if recovery takes longer than expected, worry not.

Beyond the initial period, the daily rental cost for the whole package is a mere Ksh 400, ensuring continued support without breaking the bank.

    • Home Delivery of rented Items

We understand the urgency and importance of every moment.

Upon payment, our swift delivery service brings the entire package to your doorstep, ready to provide comfort and aid.

Choose us not just for cost-effectiveness, but for a partnership dedicated to your peace of mind.

Because at Gatrom Medical Equipment we believe in making a difference in the most challenging times.

Take advantage of this Opportunity before we are out of Stock

People rush to hire our Medical Equipment! money-mouth

Embark on a journey of compassionate care with us.

Choose the Home Comfort Care Package – your beacon of support during challenging times.

Don’t let financial concerns hinder the well-being of your loved ones; opt for affordability without compromise.

Act now! Click the Call Now button and secure this comprehensive equipment bundle at the unbeatable rate of Ksh 40,000 for 4 months.

For those unforeseen circumstances, rest easy knowing that continued assistance is just Ksh 400 per day.

At Gatrom Medical Equipment Kenya we deliver not just equipment but peace of mind.

Your loved one’s comfort is our priority. Make the compassionate choice today and experience the difference of care that goes beyond expectations.

Your journey to serenity starts with a simple click – Rent Now.